Journeyman Electricians
How Much Do Journeyman Electricians Make (US, California, Canada)
 Journeyman Electricians average salary for journeyman starts from $26  per hour in the states. This salaries submitted an anonymously indeed over the past 36 months. Electrician employees, Users, I collect from the past job advertisement and presents the typical tenure journeyman electrician is 1-3 years.

How Much Does a Journeyman Electrician Make in California?

A journey Electrician will make couple of 40 bulks in California. In the united states the average salary of chairman in illustration starts from, $30.92 power in California which is 17% national national average salary. The salary estimates are based on the salary submitted anonymously to indeed by journey electrician.

What Jobs Can You Get with an Associates Degree?

Associate’s Degree is not going to be very valuable on the job market. A four-year college degree has become the least qualification for many occupations.
I would encourage you to get an apprenticeship to become a plumber, electrician, HVAC installer, or Auto Body Technician. These are jobs that pay well and are less likely to be eliminated to do automation. You will be paid during the apprenticeship and upon becoming a journeyman, you can make as much or more than a college graduate.

How Much Does an Electrician Make in Canada?

How Much Do Journeyman Electricians Make
According to Canadian publications, an electrician in Canada makes about the same as an electrician in the U.S., or roughly 55K / yr. Rates vary, of course, based on local markets. For instance electricians in large cities with high demand (and high cost of living) may make more than rural electricians.
Qualifications make a difference. A licensed master electrician with PLC / Automation programming experience may make $80,000 / yr or more. A first week apprentice may make $23,000 / yr.
Remember, what you are charged by an electrical contractor does not equal the electricians pay. Much, if not most, of the hourly rate goes toward overhead.


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